Sunday, March 29, 2009

Todd Snider, Stuart's Opera House, sketches

Catching up on several concert sketch series today.
Last Friday went to Stuart's Opera House in Nelsonville, Ohio to see Todd Snider.
The crowd was very excited to see him. Funny and entertaining. I really liked hearing his newer stuff, even though the crowd seemed more excited to hear older material. The opening act was Ashley Flynn, she is the girl with the guitar in the sketch.
Also got a drawing of the emcee.
I really have lot of fun drawing at live music venues and going to Stuart's Opera House is a great experience

Liz Carroll and John Doyle,Evergreen Arts and Humanities Series, sketches

Liz Carroll and John Doyle at Washington State Community College in early March.
They performed for the Evergreen Arts and Humanities Series.
There were no seats available as I arrived a bit late, but I stuck around and got a seat after intermission. They were great. Fabulous players and highly entertaining storytellers. I got to meet Liz at an after concert get together. They were going to be performing at the White House for St Patrick"s Day.

al dimeola concert, pittsburgh, pa. jan 09

Here is a small group of sketches from the Al Dimeola concert I attended in Pittsburgh in January of this year.
Marvelous concert. I was seated in the back so I couldn't get a lot of detail, but I love the arrangement of the players onstage. I didn't know that Al Dimeola was that beautiful. Radiant actually. The guy with the hat and glasses is just a random person in the crowd.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

party hat

liquid and open acrylic on wood panel
three stages
still unfinished
top is the latest version, bottom is the beginning.
I spent the last week sowing seeds and putting in a new row of asparagus as well as getting some painting time. Stayed out way too late last night, but what fun. I spent the day with good friend, visited the Kennedy Gallery in Athens viewed the print collection. Inspiring. Ate a wonderful meal, or wait, that was 2 wonderful meals. Came back home and went to hear some marvelous celtic music by Liz Carroll and John Doyle, followed by an after music get together with more good food and lots of interesting conversation. Went to bed, a bit wound up, not enough sleep. I think a nap may be in order.

Monday, March 9, 2009

More images soon

It has been a busy couple of weeks, but I am now on spring break. Yippee. the weather has been great and I have been spending time outside readying the garden beds. The greenhouse is in full swing. I have tomato, eggplant, pepper, cabbage, broccoli and flower seedlings all emerging. The worms are flourishing and I am debating about investing in another worm bin. I think I have enough veg garbage to keep another bin going and then I could have lots more fertilizer...hmmmm. Lots to do and I want to spend time in the studio as well so.... I will post more images soon....