Sunday, June 22, 2008

abundance,finished version?

I finished this painting finally, I think.
I am getting ready to do a show next week and have several paintings to finish. I have gotten past the really crazy time of trying to finish everything in the studio.... and realize that I have plenty of work, I just need to get everything in show order. I am not totally happy with this painting, but it is about abundance and growth. I am consciously thinking about painting positive things ( maybe in a creepy way, but there is a positive thought behind it.) I also am playing with edge painting which you can't see here, but the edges are totally painted with flowers on a black gessoed back which I glazed over several times.
I will be at the Boston Mills Artfest next weekend, Saturday and Sunday with a wine opening on Friday night.
Looking forward to seeing old friends and customers. It is always a good time, except maybe the year it flooded.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

sketches from the symphony

Here are some quick sketches from a couple of years ago when I attended the Columbus Symphony. It was a wonderful concert. I love drawing musicians.