Saturday, July 26, 2008

self portrait in big shorts

I only want to paint from life right now.
So I guess that leaves it up to looking at myself.
I have a bit more to do on this one but this is what the second session looks like,
liquid acrylic on wood
I am a proponent of giant shorts.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

cyanotype, night owl, 13x19

looking through folders on my desktop to find work I haven't posted yet
I found this first stage print.

no images today

No images today, I need to spend some time scanning from my sketchbook and photographing what is happening in the studio. I have been on a bit of a vacation.... weeding a lot and trying to get organized in my world... I guess organization is different for everyone. Anyway, went to Athens and rode the bike path, something I have wanted to do all summer, but have been busy doing art and shows.
Followed a lovely day by eating a fabulous dinner with friends at Rhapsody in Nelsonville. What a great restaurant! The highlight of my daycation was going to Stuart's Opera House and seeing Steve Earle and Alison Moorer. Steve Earle was fabulous. I drew during most of the performance, but was in the balcony so the drawings are loose to say the least, will post images later. Anyway just felt the need to post even without an image>
Anyone out there in my area reading this interested in participating in the marietta portrait project? I need people to sit for me and be a part of this project. Just tell me you are interested and I will schedule you in. Come enjoy Studio B with me.

Monday, July 21, 2008

tanya at Brighter Day

I have not put any images on my blog for a while so I thought I would put some older sketch material up that I have scanned previously. I like to draw people at a local natural foods restaurant in town on Friday evenings when my husband sherm is playing music. I am happy observing, eating and drawing and look forward to the times when I can do all three things.
This is my friend Tanya from a distance, prior to ordering her food. This is a quick 3-5 min sketch in pencil in my sketchbook.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

red sticks 24x24 liquid acrylic and mixed media on wood panel

surrender, finished,

I've been working hard to finish a couple of paintings... so I am done because the time is up. I am off to an art show tomorrow morning, early. The van is loaded and ready to go. I hope the weather is fabulous. Looking forward to the show.and then I am on vacation..... whoopee.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

red sticks, in process day 2

continuing on with this today, that nose is rough, still building...
24x24 liquid acrylic and mixed media on wood

red sticks, in process

I am finally getting some new images loaded. Last weekend I participated in the Boston Mills Artfest in Peninsula, Ohio. I love doing that show. It was hot and a bit rainy. I talked to a lot of people. It is so good to get work out and to hear what people say about it. I am solitary in my home studio without a lot of input. Since I have gotten home I have been spending a lot of time trying to get my gardens in order after a rainy week, it is great to have so much rain after last year's drought. The garden is lush.. the first tomato maybe today.
anyway enough rambling....
I started this painting on top of another that I didn't like yesterday. I put the figure in and am now playing with the plant thing in the background. I never throw bad paintings away. I like to paint on top of them. I don't work well with a white surface, nearly always at least tone it first, but a bad painting is the most fun to paint over in my opinion.
Anyway big list today, digging up beds, sanding and a bit of cradle construction for the back of my boards....then I can go into the studio and paint more or do something fun like some more cyanotypes... well no I would like to finish the two paintings I am working on for my show next week at Cain Park in Cleveland Heights.... then I am on vacation or sort of.