Sunday, April 25, 2010

studio update, sunday evening

she's all heart
acrylic and mixed media on board

unveiling, continued 24x48

sleeping with pinkerton, with little changes still going on this one.

I now have a page on Facebook

Although I am stumbling and blundering along, I have finally set up a page on facebook-beth nash art.
Tried this morning to invite friends, but not everyone was popping up so I got frustrated and will go at it again later. I need a youngster here to help.
This is an update of sleeping with pinkerton, I really hated the faces that I came up with in the previous example, but am much happier now. Still more to do, but I am getting there.
Lots of studio time in my future. Yippee

Sunday, April 18, 2010

brand new, working on, something old, etc

daffodills 30x32
new still in process

unveiling 24x48
new, just starting

sleeping with pinkerton 24x48
this is originally from last year or the year before... I keep fooling with it , changed the face several times, still don't know what to do, I may sand it off and start again on that area.