Sunday, August 21, 2011

Various new images from the studio

It has been quite a while since I have posted new images. I have been painting and drawing a lot, but not posting on my blog. If you want to see more regular posting please check beth nash art on facebook. I seem to post more often there...
Image information
Bravado( group of guys) 24x36 inches on wood panel. Acrylic and mixed media, in process, but close to being finished.
2 cats, just a fun piece about 2 of my cats, a simple 1 day painting. 18x24 acrylic and mixed media on paper
2 women with flowers, also 1 day painting, trying some experimental techniques, acrylic and mixed media on paper
Rabbit in a hat, charcoal, sauce and conte on stonehenge 18x24 ish. Playing with some animal imagery, study for future paintings
Happy Skeleton, 24x24 inches acrylic and mixed media on wood panel. This painting was produced for a show this September at Lakeland Community College in Ohio