Sunday, June 22, 2008

abundance,finished version?

I finished this painting finally, I think.
I am getting ready to do a show next week and have several paintings to finish. I have gotten past the really crazy time of trying to finish everything in the studio.... and realize that I have plenty of work, I just need to get everything in show order. I am not totally happy with this painting, but it is about abundance and growth. I am consciously thinking about painting positive things ( maybe in a creepy way, but there is a positive thought behind it.) I also am playing with edge painting which you can't see here, but the edges are totally painted with flowers on a black gessoed back which I glazed over several times.
I will be at the Boston Mills Artfest next weekend, Saturday and Sunday with a wine opening on Friday night.
Looking forward to seeing old friends and customers. It is always a good time, except maybe the year it flooded.


PV said...

This might be a stupid question, or hard to answer, but it's something I've always wondered. Looking at the pictures of this painting you have posted, as it progressed, just raised the question again. How does an artist decide when something is finished? Do you know what the end will be when you begin, or is it a work in progress until it suddenly strikes you that you are there at the finished product? Do you ever change your mind and go back and add more? Just curious.

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