Saturday, January 30, 2010

3 paintings in process...

I have had a wonderful studio day with no interruptions. It is really cold out and our heater won't stay lit in the living room, but it is toasty everywhere else. I get to stay home all day and tonight, glorious. Posting 3 paintings in progress and a detail of one.
Jack of clubs 18x28, Swingin and Tiny Tim all in progress.


Sandy Delehanty said...

I was going to post on my blog, but having a case of writer's block I just hit "next blog" and found yours. Your work is very different and I really like it. I will follow from now on. Sandy Delehanty, Northern California

beth n said...

Thanks for stumbling on my blog... I really appreciate your comments. I looked at your blog also. Traveling and painting fabulous. Your watercolor work is beautiful. I will visit your blog regularly to see what is going on. How fun to travel, teach and paint with others.
Thanks again.
Beth Nash