Friday, February 19, 2010

swingin, a few little changes

Just a few changes on this painting, getting near the end, I worked on the figure in the lower left
today, will post that image tomorrow. I have been skiing a lot and had a big flying fall, now icing knee, I want it to be gone by tomorrow so I can go at it again, Maybe....


Todd Camplin said...

Theme wise, I know it is referencing a circus, but the way the figures are layered on the canvas makes it feel more chaotic and wild. Nice attractive work.

beth n said...

thanks so much for your comment... I really wasn't thinking about the circus, I started with people floating in water and then it developed into this.I was thinking more about floating through life and all of the pwople around us that we may or may not be involved with and yes it is wild and chaotic, life that is.ibeth

beth n said...

that was people, not pwople.

SKIZO said...