Monday, March 21, 2011

It has been awhile but... I am still at it

I have been mainly posting on facebook lately but want to connect the blog and that so... we shall see how that goes.
Here are 3 paintings in progress from the last month


jbkrost said...

Very nice work...
I was wondering what happened to you, are you going to show up here any time in the future?
good to see the new work, and you back in the blog zone... even though it is a bit slow

beth n said...

Hello jbkrost, still here and still at it, I am coming to Canton to show at the National show at the museum at the end of April and will be at the Boston Mills Artfest on the weekend of fourth of July... Hopefully will get some new work to the River Gallery during that time period also.
Lots more to post soon.
Thanks for keeping up with my work,

jbkrost said...

Things are rolling right along..
If you could send out a reminder when things are getting close, look forward to the new work