Thursday, July 24, 2008

no images today

No images today, I need to spend some time scanning from my sketchbook and photographing what is happening in the studio. I have been on a bit of a vacation.... weeding a lot and trying to get organized in my world... I guess organization is different for everyone. Anyway, went to Athens and rode the bike path, something I have wanted to do all summer, but have been busy doing art and shows.
Followed a lovely day by eating a fabulous dinner with friends at Rhapsody in Nelsonville. What a great restaurant! The highlight of my daycation was going to Stuart's Opera House and seeing Steve Earle and Alison Moorer. Steve Earle was fabulous. I drew during most of the performance, but was in the balcony so the drawings are loose to say the least, will post images later. Anyway just felt the need to post even without an image>
Anyone out there in my area reading this interested in participating in the marietta portrait project? I need people to sit for me and be a part of this project. Just tell me you are interested and I will schedule you in. Come enjoy Studio B with me.