Sunday, February 1, 2009

the fool, continued

charcoal drawing 22x28
much easier for me to draw when the light is not as clear as I would like for painting.

Dead camera batteries and no electricity for three days. Big ice and snow storm. I actually had a very relaxed and lovely time without power. The house and studio were warm and cozy. I worked in the studio in the daylight hours, went crosscountry skiing in the afternoon and ate way to much food. I guess I thought I was going into hibernation. Read by candlelight in the evenings and went to bed early.The electric came on Friday evening, but we had ventured out to town, so weren't here to experience the initial excitement of electric power.Anyway the snow is still beautiful, but the skiing was scary yesterday because it is a solid ice glacier in many places.
About the painting. I am still working on it but letting it simmer now as I need to make some decisions about some of the awkward places.

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